My New Land Listing in Browns Valley, Yuba County

lot 151 Michelle

Click the hyper link to see the attached PDF which has copies of the plat map and survey, as well as information about location of the soils testing. When you enter the property where the driveway starts off the cud-de-sac, you are on the east side of the “pole”. the drive cuts across the pole at a fairly steep angle so that it meet the west side of the pole right about where the drive to the first neighbor begins (lot 181 on the map) Because the driveway does not follow the property lines but cuts across at an angel it is difficult to say exactly where the property line is in relationship to the driveway, but once you pass lot 181 the driveway runs parallel to the property line and the driveway is almost entirely on the western line of the pole right up to the next neighbor, and the end of the road, which is the entry to lot 182. The flag portion of the property begin fight where the gate enters lot 182, and you can walk up the road, where I have an arrow attached to a tree, and if you draw a line in you mind due west, that would be bottom of the flag. That line is well marked with flagging, and cut bush along the back (northern line) of lot 152, which is the cut out that makes this lot a “flag lot” in the first place. The property line is not up the top of the hill, but runs about 100 feet north of the hill top, which means the property proper is really pretty steep, south facing, and down the hill from the ridge top, which is on property 152. The list price reflects this deficit. Obviously, the property with the ridge top would be more desirable. As for building, you cans see from the soils testing map, the actual building envelope is right neat the cul-de-sac on Michelle, and the driveway actually might go right through the building area! There probably is enough room to put a house right off the driveway (on the right) just past the neighbor, but the privacy would never be “absolute” You would always be in more or less plain view of the driveway. The other option, pushing the building site back to the flag end of the property would create spectacular views and big privacy, but it would add huge costs, both for new soil testing, site development and the additional driveway, and much larger costs associated with utilities.

Author: gordon

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