19339 Jayhawk Drive, a fixer in Wildwood listed as a pending sale at $225,000

OK, so I am out looking at homes that are fixers and need work, and generally I have been looking under $200,000, but this home is such a good comparable for the home on Juanita I wanted to go look at it, and see how much work it needs and see if there a reasonable spread between the work that needs to be done and price differential of these two homes.

The Jayhawk home is definitely in better shape. It still needs a total make over, but structurally it seems to have no major defects. Just a lot of cosmetic repairs and this one will be ready to go. Not surprising that it went pending after just four days on the market.

If it’s already pending, why go look? Two reasons, one a pending sales tells me what other buyers think about the price of a home, and have been willing to write an offer on it, and secondly, these fixers and damaged homes have a much higher rate of falling out of escrow than regular homes. For all kinds of reasons, this one could easily be back on the market. In that case, it is good to already know the home and have an idea what sort offer would turn it into a money maker.

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