26206 Sweetland Road North San Juan, Jungle Paradise with Creek for $149,000

This is one of the most interesting opportunity offerings this year. The lot is 1.6 acres, flat, with Sweetland Creek on the back side. It looks like an impenetrable jungle from the street. Tall bamboo grows in dense clumps all over the property interspersed with tall pine trees and large bushes. There are fruit tree interspersed throughout in the dense foliage. The house is a one-bedroom and one-bath cabin, about 600 square feet, on a post and peer foundation that was built in the 1950’s before permits were required. The county tax assessor recognizes there is house on the property but there are no records of the home, the septic system, the well, or any of the development on the property, since everything predates the county recording of such improvements. The condition of the home is modest and appears to be livable. The owners lived in it for 40 years until they moved into Grass Valley last year. In addition to the house, there are two shops, a wood heated sauna, a wood heated spa and a cold plunge pool. Everything has the look of being long ago abandoned, even though it has only been a little over a year since anyone live at the property.
There are, from time to time, similar homes and properties that are lived in for decades by the owners, and then they pass away or move on and the property is sold “AS IS.” What makes this so unusual is the all the personal property, 40 years of accumulated tools, spare building materials, mechanical and electrical components as well as all the furniture and every scrap of personal property and memorabilia is included in the sale. It looks like a combination between a museum and flea market. There are boxes of stuff, piles of tools, things too numerous to count and no way to inventory all of it. All the personal property is included in the sale price. There are lots of valuable items on the tool bench, and in the work shop. Sell it all on E-Bay or sort it and use it for your own projects.
So, why are they only asking $149,000?
They want it sold ASAP, and they want a cash buyer who will take everything.

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