13755 Frontier Lane, a Bank Owned single wide trailer on 3 acres for $140,000

Today I went a previewed this new listing. Older trailers on a couple of acres are fairly common. There have been six similar to this property so far this year. This one is in better shape that most of similar properties, but as is typical, it is on a post and peer foundation. The road to get to is long and bumpy, but passable in standard car, at least in summer. Once you get to the property you can see the neighbor’s have quite a bit of junk near the road, but you don’t see homes, just stuff. The property doesn’t have any trash on it, but the home is near a back fence that looks right over at the neighbors. Again, you mostly see trash, not a house. The value of this property will largely be determined on the buyer inspections, and what is discovered to be the condition of the septic and well. If both those turn out passable, then this one is priced to sell. if the well or septic fail, of course, a huge price adjustment will be necessary. Since it is new on the market 6/25/17, it will be interesting to see how long it takes to sell. When iw as out previewing, there has already been a couple of agents there and I am sure that by the middle of the week it will be shown a half dozen times.

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