325 Second Street in Grass Valley, modest 2/2, with lots of freeway noise listed at $245,000

As the price point moves up and we get out of the homes that have structural defects and into the $250,000 price range the quality of the homes improves, but there are still price suppressing factors that keep the market value of a home like this one below what it would otherwise be. In this case, its the proximity to the freeway. This home sits on ridge just above Hwy 20 and the Hills Flat Roundabout. The noise from the cars and trucks is noticeable and quite loud, even on the far side of the house. Inside, with all the windows closed, you don’t hear much, but just open a door or window and the sound rushes in. The home itself is well maintained. It is right across the street from the troubled property I have listed for sale at 328 Second Street. 328 sits far enough back and across the street you don’t hear the freeway noise. Interesting how much difference just a couple of hundred feet can make.

328 Second Street Grass Valley, was listed for $235,000, Seller Dropped the Price to $200,000!

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