Two Homes in Wildwood, both fixers, both listed for $250,000 Compared 7.7.17

Here are two homes just a few blocks apart in the Wildwood subdivision, both listed for $250,000. Both homes are fixers, but they are also quite different, in both the condition and floor plan, and this makes for an interest comparison, especially because they are both listed for the same price.

11608 Redwing is a 2 and 2 on a big lot which is one of the nicer properties in the subdivision. It slops down slightly of the street, which is a cul-da-sac, and it has a bit of creek in the backyard. The landscaping is untended, but has some real potential to be a garden paradise. It is a rare and relatively private lot in compared to most Wildwood homes, especially the fixers, which generally tend to be on less desirable lots. The home is also in pretty good shape. Still a fixer, but it appears mostly cosmetic. Inspections certainly would be necessary, but there is no question this home was easily the best value in the under $250,000 in the last month or so. Even with the two bedroom floor plan, it has a lot to offer.
The home at 14023 Lodgepole Court is more typical of the fixers under $250,000. A steep that is not very private. Not much space in the backyard between the neighbors, and little or no usable property on either side. The driveway is a steep upslope, and while the home is all on one level, there are 20 steps up from the garage level to main living. That’s not uncommon in Wildwood. The home is big, 3 and 2 with 1880 square feet. That’s one of the largest homes seen in this price range. The condition is poor, but not trashed. It is a rental, and there are tenants living in the home. Most of the damage that you see in the type of visual inspections made in walk-through, are related to the siding, decks, and roof, all of which appear worn and at the end of their wear cycle. Lots of fixing and repairing will be needed. Inside, the home needs paint and carpets. Everything has that tired and worn look of hard use for many years and no visible evidence of maintenance. Again, only inspections by qualified professionals can say just what works and what needs to be replaced, but everything look like it is at least 20 years old. This home, 50 days on the market so far, is still an active listing. No investor yet has submitted an offer acceptable to the seller.
So, there you have it, a tale of two homes.

Author: gordon

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