10741 Butte View, 1 bedroom 1 bath Grass Valley cottage for $217,000

A one bedroom and one bathroom house is a form of functional obsolescence. It is not a desirable floor plan, even if the home is in good condition, as this one is. The price reflects the lack of utility and consumer preference for larger homes, not the condition. This home is close to move in ready. So why even bother looking at it?
It is actually a very import data point in the under $250,000 price spectrum. This home has no obvious defects, no work or repairs are seen upon visual inspection. The price, just under $225,000. If you are looking at fixer or small house that needs work, it is good to keep in mind that no matter you put into it, you probably are not going to see it rise over the $225,000 threshold. As a rental, this home would probably fetch around $1100 per month, not much more than an apartment. With just one bedroom, it is not a family home, not even a home that would appeal to couple, as there is not much yard, and the space is cramped. Good to keep that in mind when looking at similarly priced homes that need far more repairs.

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