2017 Mid-year Review of Grass Valley Cottages under $260,000

Comparative Market for Grass Valley Cottages Mid Year Report 2017

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The video and the link compare and contrast the market activity for Grass Valley cottages and the class and type of smaller Grass Valley homes in the real estate market in the first half of 2107. This comprehensive list of all activity shows what you can buy today, what has recently sold in terms of pending sales, what has closed escrow and the price and address of every home, along with the percentage of bank owned and short sales which are listed separately. Most of these homes are older, smaller, and in need of some repairs or have some deferred maintenance, but not all of them! A small percentage are actually in pretty good condition. Many of them have already been features on my previous blogs. If you want more details, give me a call or email, and I can send you links with pictures and property profiles that will clarify how exactly what buyers are purchasing for the money they are willing to spend.

Why do this? If you are looking to buy a home for $250,000 of less, whether you are a first time home buyer who can just qualify for a home in $250,000 price range, or you are a seasoned investor looking for a rental, or you are contractor looking to flip a home, you need to know the market for homes you want to buy or sell. This is the market, this is: The Market Report from the Corner Office.

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