19229 State Hwy 49, Nevada City, 2 small homes on one lot, $259,000 How come so cheap?

OK, I went out and looked at this investment property and this is what I saw- Yes, there are two small homes, 19229 Hwy 49, a 1.74 Acre parcel that sits on small ledge just above the highway on the way down to the South Fork crossing of the Yuba River. The lot itself is pretty much unusable except for the ledge where two homes sit atop a gravel driveway.
So, what’s up with these houses? The larger home is a two bedroom two bathroom home that looks like it was last remodeled in the 1980’s, has decent fixtures and finishes. There is some water damage on the interior sheet rock, but the tenant told me that the roof leaked last year and the owner made some repairs and roof stopped leaking. The damage to sheetrock seemed fairly superficial, but there is definitely a need for repair and painting around a sky light in the kitchen. The home also has a deck that runs around the outside of the home that needs to be removed and replaced. Another issue is the septic system. The owner had a septic inspection, and it appears that the septic did not pass the inspection. The septic report says the fluid is draining, but it was not clear where the effluent was draining to, since the tank is cracked and leach line may not be functioning. There are lots of blackberries growing down below the house. This might indicate where the system is draining, but it would take further investigation to know exactly what is happening. Also, one more thing, the house has a nonconforming foundation. The foundation of the house is stacked rock with mortar. There is no perimeter foundation.

The smaller house is a one bedroom, one bath cabin, also looks like it was last remodeled in the 1980’s. It is also a in good condition on the inside. The exterior of the small home is stucco, and look like it is fairly good condition.

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