10203 Gold Drive three bedroom two bath home in Grass Valley for $287,000

Not a fixer, this older home is clean and appears in decent shape. The paint in a little worn, but the home is clean with no apparent damage to fixtures of appliances. It has double pain windows, and in addition to a two car detached garage that appears to be from the 1980’s there is a single car garage that looks to be about the same vintage of the house, which was originally built in 1948. There are two other out buildings, and a fenced yard. It has a composite wrap around deck in the back, and the stone fireplace has got a gas log insert. It needs new carpets, but notably, unlike many of these old homes, there is no pet odor.
So, is this home worth $287,000? Of course, buyers, not me will determine that. But here are my thoughts about the value.
In the type and class of home that this home typifies, I have seen, perhaps 6 comparable homes so far this year. This one is a bit larger than most homes in type and class, with average size slightly under 1200. However, most of the additional space in this home comes from an enclosed porch that is added on to the third bedroom. It is hard to say what the original floor plan looked like, but clearly the additional space at the front of the house was a later addition. That, in itself is not untypical of these older Grass Valley homes. Lots of these older homes have disjointed floor plans that were the result of additions made by owners who were adding space without necessarily wanting to spend the money it would take to change the roof line or properly enlarge the foundation. Enclosing porches and converting garages to add interior floor space is a cheap way of making a home larger without needed an architectural resign of the home, but it also results in some functional obsolescence, as is the case in this home where the third bedroom in enlarged in a way that does not provide the highest utility to the additional floor space. What about price? In any of these older neighborhoods around Grass Valley price is really determined by condition. The condition of this home is fair to good. It is not a “fixer” but at the same time, it does not look like it has been updated or upgraded in the last 20 years. The details of condition will only be revealed in the inspections. A pest inspection, a roof inspection, and inspection and certification of the septic, and an inspection of the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems of the house will determine whether this home is good value or not. I will definitely keep an eye on this one. If it sells at or near full price is set a real bench mark for the fall market and the value of all the similar homes that will come on the market for the rest of the year.

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