14395 Rough and Ready Hwy, three bedroom, one bath, renovated and staged for sale at $259,000

This home, even though it is in the town of Rough and Ready, about half way between Grass Valley and Penn Valley, is a good comparable property to the same Grass Valley cottages that I have been previewing all summer in the neighborhood surrounding the city of Grass Valley. There are not a lot of homes for sale in Rough and Ready proper, so the best comparable data is based on similar homes in neighborhoods that are closer to grass Valley but have similar homes offering similar features, amenities, and condition. This home would almost certainly be higher priced if it was not located on a very busy street. Rough and Ready Hwy is a major atrial both in and out of Grass Valley, so there is traffic right by the front door at all times of the day and night. The house has just 20 feet of set back from the street, so the front door practically opens onto a busy street. Road noise is going to be a factor, regardless of the curb appeal or the condition of the home.
Inside, the home looks pretty good, clean and painted, and nice floor coverings, but the house itself was built in 1937, so like the home on Gold, or any of these Grass Valley cottage style homes that are 50 to 100 years old, you really have to do a full regiment of inspections to know what condition the plumbing and wiring and septic and roof, and even foundation system are in. Cosmetic appearance is important, and you certainly can see the advantages of a move in ready home for either a rental or an owner occupant, but is the paint and newer appliances and fixtures hiding problems that might be very expensive to fix if they needed replacement in the near term. If you are not planning a total renovation, an older homes requires detailed inspections before any real assessment of value can be assigned.

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