Market Overview Discussion of Home Pricing Trends for Half Million and up

I made a 35 minute video addressing the market conditions and trends for homes priced between $500,000 and $650,000. There is no graphics, just me presenting the details about the market in a organized presentation using my notes and data from comparable sales. It is a bit long, so you need to watch it from your computer. It should work on a phone or tablet, but it might be annoying to watch on a small screen. You can also just listen to the audio, as the actual video is just me in my office, talking, and looking back and forth at a pile of note papers.

The information is helpful baseline data for the decision about the list price and strategic market considerations for a half million dollar home in the 3rd quarter of 2017. If you want to know where the market will be at Thanksgiving, repeat the same data search when we get to the end of September and see what the trend lines and emerging prices have to say about the coming market for 2018. Have a look at the video, if you have specific questions, of course, send them along. I can unpack the information in greater detail and that might be a good thing to do in another video, but for right now, this establishes a baseline for where the market is at.

Author: gordon

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