13009 Golden Trout, a nicely appointed home on a steep upslope for $229,900

Just a short video here, as the home is owner occupied, so no interior video. You can get the agent marketing material from looking on my website, www.gordonbaker.com

What’s the valuation? This home is an important data point in the market comparisons because this house has a nexus of several variables that function in conjunction with each other.
1) It is on a very steep upslope lot in Lake Wildwood, with a narrow driveway that cannot be navigated except by driving straight in and back out down the hill at 15 degree slope . We have looked at three other homes with very steep lots and similar upslope driveways.

19943 Explorer listed for $275,000 a good comparable for 14161 Lodgepole

But both those homes were larger, more expensive homes, and they both needed a bit of work.

2) We have also looked at homes that were move-in ready. A move-in ready home is clean, decent paint and carpets, and no obvious or apparent defects of deferred maintenance. But we have not really seen any homes that are upgraded and freshly painted and many new or nearly new fixtures and appliances the way this one is detailed.

So, what’s the reason for the home being so inexpensive? The upslope lot and fact it only has 1 bathroom are both undesirable features that will limit the number of buyers who will consider this home. The small size and move in ready condition makes it a great retirement home but the steep lot, the big stairs, and lack of parking make it a poor fit for anyone who is worried about climbing stairs, or driving a larger car.

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