12797 Greenbrook Loop, another Wildwood Upslope, move in ready four bedroom three bathroom home for $292,000

This 1545 square foot home is in very good condition, move in ready, like many Wildwood homes it is on an upslope lot, two story home, not much privacy, and no garage, just a loop driveway that goes up one side of the home, leads to a carport in the back, and then comes back around to the street. We have looked at a lot of fixers in the low and mid two-hundred range in Wildwood, so here is one all fixed up. Can you fix up one of the homes that needs a new deck, new roof, and new fixtures and finishes and do it and sell it for the same price as this one and still make a profit? That’s the real question we are asking here.

Author: gordon

Nevada County Resident since 1988. Painting and Decorating Contractor 1985-2003 Nevada County Realtor Since 2004 Member of the Nevada County Masters Club (top producing agent) Every Year Since 2004

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