Land Value Only

Land Value Only

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Click on the button, and it will link to a download of Excel spreadsheet with seven properties located around the geographic are that have or had homes that had such sever structural damage the best use would be tear the home down and repurpose the land and remaining improvements for a new home.

When a home cannot be renovated and must be torn down and it is located in a neighborhood that is already completely built out it gives a rare glimpse into the value of the undeveloped property. In neighborhoods where new homes are rare, knowing what the price a spec builder or developer will pay for the land gives a window in to the what that developer expects the value of homes in that neighborhood will be when they finish their project in the coming year.

If you are thinking of buying a fixer or a home that needs major structural renovation, and there are no other vacant lots to for a comparative price analysis, this spreadsheet gives you a way of looking at land values that spans a wide range of geographic locations and neighborhoods. The answer to the question that every investor needs to know is what is the value of the lot? This gives you a chance to see that buyers are paying for lots and land.

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