12975 Gaston Drive, A Cascades Shores 2 and 1, move-in ready listed for $229,000

12975 Gaston Drive Property Questions
Click on the call to action button, and look at the raw data sheet I keep on every home I video.

This home is similar to many of the smaller 2 bedroom and one bathroom homes I have been looking at in Grass Valley, and, by proximity, the homes in Cascade Shores. By triangulating between similar homes in Grass Valley, and accounting for the differences in general valuation between Cascade Shores and Grass Valley, a sense of “value” can be obtained regarding the asking price and the market. There are very similar homes to this home in Grass Valley, and we know that Grass Valley homes are generally a bit more expensive than Cascade Shores, so how does this home, at $229,000 compare? If this home were in Grass Valley, it would probably sell in $250,000 range. Subtracting 10% for difference in market value for a home in Cascade Shores, and the list price comes pretty close to what buyers might expect to pay.

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