12957 Golden Trout, a three bedroom and two bathroom, two story for $275,000

12957 Golden Trout

I take a look at every new listing in Nevada County under $300,000 within a few days of the time they are listed. This listing at 12957 Golden Trout in Lake Wildwood has the distinction of being the first new listing under $300,000 in the month of September, and as of Sept. 4th, still the only new listing under $300,000 this month.
Are prices rising? You might think so when you look at how little this home has to offer for the price the seller is asking! It falls right on the boarder between a fixer and “needs updating”
The significance of this home does reach beyond the seller because this is the first home listed where the seller does not expect the home to close escrow until the 4th quarter. Every seller so far since April has expected their home to close escrow before the end summer. Now, with this listing, and listings from now till the holiday season, sellers have got there minds set on closing dates in the fall. As we get closer to the holidays, sellers who want to get their home sold this year will have some difficult decisions to make, but for now, sellers are merrily listing at prices clearly indicative of the “top valuation” for the year so far. Will this seller get that “lucky” break and find a buyer willing to pay $275,000 for this house? It is still summer weather for right now, so no need to worry. Let’s see what happen in the next 90 days. I will be watching this one for sure.

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