13281 Burlington Ridge, 13 acres in the wilderness for $199,000

This property is 3 miles off pavement. The road is not that bad. You can get to this property in a two-wheel drive car, but I recommend at high clearance vehicle. Summer and fall access is easy. Once winter comes access is limited by snow. The elevation of this property is about 5000 feet.

This property is at the far edge of the rural to wilderness interface. It is an incredibly good property for a pot garden. It is flat and sunny, south facing, strong well, and has tremendous, end of the road private 900 right-of-way through forest service land that is guarded by a forest service gate that only you have the key to open.

Is this one a good value listed at $199,000?

The comparable sales data for property sold so far this season show that the highest prices paid for wilderness properties is by a purchasers planning to grow marijuana. But theses properties need to have some very specific topographic features not at all that common in the wilderness. The property needs to be flat, with a slight southern exposure, and there must be good water, and under no conditions can there be public access through the interior of the property. No public roads, no private roads, no easements that serve adjoining properties. The ideal pot growing property is the last property on a road, where a large gate can be installed without even asking the neighbors or announcing that you are using the property for a marijuana garden. Privacy is at the highest premium and true privacy is very rare in the wilderness, where roads often bisect the center of properties, and easements can run for miles on dirt roads that get used every day, sometimes right in the middle of one person’s property. All of these invasions of privacy limit the number of wilderness properties that make good marijuana gardens.

So, considering all this, I did a market comparable and shot some video in my office to discuss the results.

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