It is Triangulation between Multiple Sales that allows for a constructive understanding of pricing. Consider 10890 Yukon as another data point in the market survey of valuation for Manufactured homes.

Ok, here is a link to a post I made regarding the comparison in value between a completely rehabilitated manufactured home and a manufactured home where the home needed to be removed and replaced with a new manufactured because the existing home was thrashed. By comparing the two properties, we get at the logic of contractor/investor who purchased the fixer, in getting an idea of what the new home will sell for when the rehabilitation project is complete.

12905 Shady Creek and fully rehabilitated manufactured home for $284,000, Compare that to fixer we looked at in June that sold for $112,500.

Today we have a different data point- This is an older manufactured home on a very nice lot in Grass Valley, located at 10890 Yukon Way. This home, a 1990 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom home is a cosmetic fixer, needs a few touches, but it is clean and move in ready. This home has lots of similarities to the other manufactured homes, except it is a 2 bedroom not a three bedroom and it is closer to town, but what this home really lacks is the upgrades that come with the rehabilitation of one of these homes. So here is a home, not a wreck, but also with systems and fixtures that are pushing 30 years old.

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