461 Brighton Street, a bank owned 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom home for $282,000

This home was built in 1973, which makes it more modern in conceptual design and floor plan than most of the Grass Valley cottage or bungalow homes that are in this same price range. This home has the open floor plan and one of the bathrooms accessed only from the master bedroom, in the modern ranch style that became popular in the 1960’s. Home build in the 1950’s and older often have floor plans that seem disconcerting to modern sensibilities. The concept of the “master suit” that included a bathroom that served only one bedroom, and supplemented by a guest bathroom located in a hallway or off the living room as not common when most of the housing stock was first built in the older sections of Grass Valley, so finding a house that has this modern adaptation is rare. The downside is this home has not had much updating since 1973, and the fixtures and systems in the house all appear to be original. Now the home is over 40 years old, and while everything appears functional, plumbing and electrical systems that are of that age are at the end of their service life. A buyer with 10 year time horizon might need to replace everything in the home in the next decade, or sooner if things start to fail under the load of a new user.

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