12928 Sadie D Drive, Cascade Shore 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom cabin listed for $309,000

The Corner Office has been to a couple of these cabins in Cascade Shores, very similar homes over the last few months, and typically they list under $290,000. What’s up here? Has the market bumped up a bit as we start the fall or is this one just over priced for buyer expectations? There is no indication that upward pressure exists on pricing such that this home is going to catch a tailwind late summer bump in prices and sell for more than very similar homes that sold during the summer for 10% less than this seller is asking.
Pricing is always a tug of war between buyers and sellers. If this one sells in 30 days or less and fetches near the full asking price then everyone who owns a similar home, and there are lots of them like this in Cascade Shores can add a full 10% the equity they have in their home, but should this sell eventually realize that the market price point they are aiming for is simply a bridge too far, and they need to get real and price their home down in $275,000 range like every comparable sale so far this summer, then it will simply be the confirming sale of the 4th quarter for valuation of this type of home, and that confirmation will be a hard stick as we head into the winter months where the smaller number of buyers and sellers will need to be guiding in setting their agreed upon price by the summer market where there are a cluster of sales that determine valuation.

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