16963 State Hwy 49, A Nevada City Bungalow, similar to many homes in the Grass Valley Market, but rare in Nevada City. Listed for $249,000

In the under $300,000 price range we see a lot of two bedroom and one bathroom bungalow style homes sprinkled through the various Grass Valley neighborhoods, but it is rare to see one of these homes in Nevada City. There have been over a dozen in Grass Valley, and this is the first one all year in Nevada City. In terms of comparable prices, this home compares favorably in terms of the size of the lot, which is 3/4 of an acre, which would correspond to just about the largest lots you see for these bungalow homes, and the fixtures and appliances all appear to be in good working order, and this house has two value added features that are rarities in the Grass Valley market. This home as a very serviceable out building that detached from the main house, but could easily serve as a guest bedroom, a workshop, or office. Also, this home has a half-basement below that has a concrete floor. This means there is easy access to plumbing and electrical, space for home’s mechanicals, and dry storage under the building. At this price, it appears the seller is being competitive with the Grass Valley market.

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