10208 Eagle Mountain Road, A 2001 Manufactured Home on 5 acres listed for $275,000

Tenant Occupied, so I always am respectful of the tenants personal space. This home is very typical of the manufactured homes between 10 and 20 years old. All the standard features.

We hardly see any homes, manufactures or otherwise, for under $300,000 with more than 3 acres, so a home with 5 acres that is in move-in ready condition and would qualify for conventional financing is a pretty rare offering. But Here is the question: is it a good deal? “Good” depends on what you are looking for. The land is steep and brushy. The owners at one time had goats, and so there is some fencing, but “goats” is just about all this property is good for. It is too steep to have much other functional purpose. The home have great views, but it hard to appreciate them from the narrow front porch that looks out over the mountain. At the rear of the house, you look right into a steep hill. There is a 16 step staircase that leads to the front door, and even the side door is 6 stairs up from the parking area. The parking area for a car is not flat, but is sloped just a little less than the surrounding area. It would be hard to place a garage on this parking area. The boundaries of the property contour to the existing roads, which is good, but I don’t think the home is going to sell as quickly as you might expect based on the property profile.

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