Two homes on acreage: 10640 Del Bonita listed for $325,000 and 12367 Cannon Listed for $295,000

Today the Corner Office dialed in on homes with much more acreage than we usually see in near $300,000, and below market. I will take you out to see two homes, each on near five acres.

We will be taking a look at the land, view, and out buildings to see if there are any features might make either one of these homes a real bargain. The land is not all that spectacular on either home. The properties do have near end of the road privacy, but neighbors on near by streets are closer than neighbors on the same street. You can see the near by homes, but you probably would never meet the neighbors because they access their property from a different street. The Del Bonita property is heavy brush and steep down sloping. It has great views, but the home is less than a 1/2 mile from hwy 20, so while you can’t see the road, you can hear the dull roar of distant cars. There is a lot of personal property scattered around the home, and inside the home looks like it is in the middle of a painting project that is not quite finished. The Cannon Way property is rolling oak studded forest with rock out crops.
Both homes need work. The Del Bonita is more of a cosmetic fixer, the Cannon Way home needs a complete rehabilitation. Have a look and call me with your questions.

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