Two New Listings, both one bedroom and one bathroom homes under 700 sq ft on less than 1/10th of an acre 111 Stennet listed for $167,000 and 11175 McCourtney listed for $209,000

If you have been following my blog over the course of the summer you are aware that there are a fair number of homes in Grass Valley that are quaintly referred to as “miner’s cabins.” Back in the days when the mines operated the lowest wage workers lived in shack and cabins scattered all around the Grass Valley area. The surviving remnants of this original housing stock that dates back to the first for of the 20th century creates a legacy of single room homes that are scattered in various neighborhoods around Grass Valley. The East Colfax neighborhood has the highest concentration of these old miner’s cabins, but the stretch of McCourtney right near the fairgrounds has a few of these homes as well.
Because there are quite a few of these homes that come up for sale every year there is a comparable sales market just for these homes. Fixers and homes that are very run down can sell for as low as $100,000 while a super cute and updated and upgraded home might sell for as much at $250,000. A lot depends on parking, some value is given to the neighbors on the right and left of the subject property.

Author: gordon

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