Darkhorse, a South County Subdivision with seven lots for sale ranging from $110,000 to $297,000

Darkhorse is a subdivision with some 200 lots, but only 40 or 50 homes. Most of the subdivision is empty lots waiting for builders. It is not surprising that at any given time there are 5 to 10 that are for sale. People buy them thinking they are going to build a house, then change their minds, or just decide they want to use the money they paid for the lot for some other purpose, and the lot goes up for sale.
Darkhorse is not for everyone. In fact they have some of the most restrictive CCR rules of any subdivision in the county. Along with an architectural review process for every home, no home can be less than 2500 square feet, every home must have a garage, manufactured homes would not be able to meet the architectural requirements without changing the roof lines, and that would defeat the purpose of the manufactured home, so basically, if you are going to build a home in Darkhorse, it is going to have to be $750,000 home or higher. You can’t camp or put a trailer on your property, and you cannot build without obtaining all the permits.
So, why bother looking ant property this meets the needs of a very small number of buyers? The logic is simple. Anyone who looks for property in Nevada County sees these lots for sale. They are not advertised as “special” and the various restrictions on building do not show up in the online advertising, so these lots are mixed in with everything else that is for sale. It is important to know which properties are in this subdivision. Regardless of the home you want to build, prices in the county rise and fall based on the demand in every sector of the market. When premium priced lots in this subdivision go up or down they are responding to similar market factors that impact lots all over the county. This subdivision will take years, decades before it is completely built out with homes. The process of how it changes, and the price buyers pay for lots is bell weather for lots everywhere.

Author: gordon

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