122 Catalpa Cabin in Grass Valley that has been stripped to the studs, listed for $139,000

I am always on the lookout for unusual properties that are good deals. This property is certainly priced at the lowest end of the scale, but unlike 156 Harris, which I looked at last month, which has a similar home but a much nicer lot,

156 Harris Street Home may need to be torn down? Sold in August for $119,000 relisted by the new owner for $147,000. No changes or improvements made.

this house has already been gutted out, but the lots is not nearly as large or in as nice a neighborhood. The home on Catalpa is right near the Highlands subdivision, which has 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom single story homes with single car carports, which are nicely appointed and sell for about $280,000. It is hard to see how this one bedroom house, even when it was fixed up nicely could sell for more than $250,000. Among the obvious challenges are the foundation, which appears to have been added sometime in recent past by pouring concrete inside form boards around an existing post and peer foundation. Instead of jacking up the house and then setting it down on the new foundation it looks like the home was left in place and foundation was added around the existing posts which means that the foundation walls are intermittently broken by post that originally held up the walls. I doubt that would satisfy the building codes.

Author: gordon

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