11154 Vista, and older manufactured home in Grass Valley listed for $239,500

There are no end to the variety of homes that come on the market over the course of a year. This one is most similar to the home in Alta Sierra listed earlier this year:

10822 Alta Sierra Drive, Older Manufactured, listed for $229,000. No conventional financing for manufactured homes of this era.

That home has been listed for 71 days now, and still has not sold.
The difference with that property and this new listing, besides being located in Grass Valley and not Alta Sierra, is this home is not a fixer. It is still far too old to qualify for conventional financing, but the owners have taken great care of this home over the years and not only does it look good for the age, but it has a number of upgrades that would make it a comfortable place to live. But it only sell to a cash buyer, and how many of them are there right now, who would want this home, knowing that when they go to sell it, it will also not likely qualify for conventional financing? Not a good investment, but maybe a great home for a retired person who wants a nice home at a fairly low price? Just have see. The fact that one at 10822 Alta Sierra has not sold isn’t a great comparison because that home needs so much work, it is practically a tear down. This one is move in ready.

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