10623 Yearling Vacant land, five separate parcels for a total of 10 acres

About two years ago the owner of this flat ten acre parcel split it into five separate 2 acre parcels. He has the entire package listed for $399,000, but I thought it might be worth while to get out and see what they look like, and get a sense for the land, the location, and tree cover. Maybe he would be willing to sell just one or possibly two parcels, so I had the listing agent drive me out to the land in his car and I shot some video while he talked about the property.

There were a couple things worth noting. While each property is about 2 acres, the seller never fully completed the split, so technically there are just three parcels. The road basically works its way around the north end of the ten acres, and dead ends in the middle of the lot with no driving access on the southern portion. There are only 2 wells and three septic systems. I had a good conversation with the listing agent about selling just a portion of the lot, maybe just one parcel. The listing agent said the seller hadn’t considered that possibility, but he would bring it up with owner and get back to me with some sort of proposal.

What I really liked about the property and what attracted me to go see it in the first place was the privacy, the availability of power, the paved road access, and the strong wells and septic systems. What surprised me when I got to the property, and was disappointing, was deep shadows of the Washington Ridge that loom over the property. Even though the property is flat, it sits on a spur of land that comes off the north facing side of Washington Ridge. The big trees that love cold wet winters have done well here, and I am sure it is beautiful during the summer, but in winter this land will be dark and cold. It was 5 degrees colder at this property than my office, and my office is roughly the same elevation. When I was there a 3 pm the sun had already gone down behind the Washington Ridge, so temperatures were dropping and the entire ten acres was enveloped in later afternoon shadow. Back at my office the sun was still shining bright and it is a warm winter day with lots of day light left. Out at the land, 4 pm will come, and you will need light in the house to see. Trees could and would need to be cut to build a house, but it would be hard to have a full sun garden, even in mind summer.

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