630 Le Duc Street, a Grass Valley cottage 3 bedrooms, one bath, good condition, listed for $285,000

This is yet another cottage in Grass Valley, very similar to the dozen or so that have been listed and sold so far this year in Grass Valley. It was built in the 1930’s but look like it was last remodeled in the 1980’s. It is clean and well maintained, the landscaping in mature and bit over grown, the neighbor’s houses are all on zero setback lots reflecting the tiny size of the parcels. The home is warm and pleasant inside, but only a through home inspection would reveal what sorts of differed maintenance might be present. I would not call this home a “fixer” but any home that has gone more than 20 years without a facelift probably is due for a renovation. Most of the cottages are a bit smaller than this one, and very few have the advantage of a third bedroom, but a closer examination of the floor plan reveals this home likely was not always a 3 bedroom home. It was likely a 2 bedroom home and years ago somebody added a little room at the back, maybe even just walled in the porch. In any case, functionally it is a three bedroom, even if the third bedroom placed in a location that does not optimize the floor plan.

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