624 Le Duc, Another Grass Valley Cottage, 2 and 2 listed for $275,000

The home is a bit run down, the tenants are messy, but when its cleaned up with new paint and carpet it will be a typical Grass Valley Cottage, similar to all the ones that have been listed and sold this year. So, does this one have “good” value? Actually, it is pretty much a typical price for a very average home of this type with these features. It needs a bit of cleaning up, maybe some repairs, but here is the question: how will homes like this one sell in the winter, and will the spring market bring a big jump in prices or will the spring be flat. Today, I can very solidly predict this home will sell at or near asking price, maybe 5% less because of the scrappy condition, but what about come spring? Will this home pop up of $300,000, or will be simply go flatly into spring right at the same $275,000 mark for homes like this? We saw over a dozen homes like this so far this year, and they all sold between $260,000 and $300,000, but none got over $300,000, even though a few sellers tried. Will that price point hold for next year? We will watch what happens to this home and the one next door and that will give us a little window into what the spring market might bring.

Author: gordon

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