10985 Woodchuck Court, a Lake Wildwood ranch home, flat lot, modest updates, good condition, listed for $314,900

With the winter inventory as low as it has been there have been just four or five homes with a list price under $300,000 so far this year, so I have been looking a inventory up to $330,000 to see what buyers who need a home right now and can’t wait till spring might be forced to pay in this period of lower than normal available homes for sale. This home was listed last week at $314,900. The home is typical for the ranch style homes I previewed for this blog all last year. There are a dozen similar homes that were listed and sold last year, but this one does have some features and amenities that are not typically found in the homes that have been sold below the $300,000 price point.
First, this house is bigger that typical. Most of the three bedroom ranch style homes priced under $300,000 last year were between 1250 and 1500 square feet. This home has a larger than typical foot print. The bedrooms are standard sized, so the extra room in this house is in the open living room runs all the way from the far end of the home to the mid point where the hall leads off to the bedrooms. Add the sunroom to this space, and the home has a wide open feel not found in many homes under $300,000.
The condition of the home is good. The kitchen has white tile that looks like it was done in the mid- 1990 6X6 tile period. The floor covers are newer, and guest bathroom is tiled with a look that was popular in between 2002 and 2008. The master bathroom is the one area of the home that looks like it needs updating. The home has been painted in decorator colors, but there are lots of things hung on the walls, which means even if you like the paint, it still probably needs new paint. Otherwise the home shows well.
In mid summer of last year I would have offered a price opinion of this home at a solid $300,000. If it sells in mid-winter for full price, then look out come spring. You will not see anything listed under $300,000 as this home will serve as the first comparable for the year, and sellers all over Wildwood will be taking notice of what happens here, and pricing their homes accordingly Likewise, if it does not sell for a month or more, it will also impact the spring market regardless of what the final sales price is. If other sellers feel the market is moving so slowly that a house that is as nicely appointed as this one can’t sell instantly, some other seller will undercut this home and list their similar home for $299,000 or less. The list price in the spring market is all about what seller’s believe buyers will be willing to pay. If this one sells fast it will raise the expectations of other sellers- if it goes 30 days on the market without an accepted offer, other sellers will take note of that, and when they list they will adjust their price accordingly.

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