14087 Liquid Ambar Lane, a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home in a rural setting near Grass Valley, listed for $330,000

I have looked at lots of 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom homes in and around Grass Valley in the last year. Most of them are on city lots, but there has also been a few of these smaller homes on rural lots. This home was built in 1972, T111 siding with fir batons. The home is clean, but dated, and dark. This home was listed for $349,000 in August of 2017. Clearly the market rejected that price, but $330,000 six months later is no prize for buyers. If the home was in great condition, it would be an interesting test of the value buyers put on rural neighborhoods verses city lots, but given the poor condition of the home, this one is really cosmetic fixer, in need up a facelift in all the major areas. New kitchen, new bathroom, new lighting, new windows and paint, and this home could be quite nice, as any home would! The landscaping has been neglected for years, trees all need trimming, this home is a lot of work. buyers just don’t see the value.
All that being said, it is the winter market, and there are so few homes for sale right now, a desperate buyer with $350,000 budget might be forced to give this one a second look. Until the spring inventory comes around, homes like this one may actually sell. After all, the only reason I went out to see it was because I had completely previewed every home under $325,000. I have looked at everything. This is the next home up on the price curve. There is nothing else out there. I never tell buyers to low-ball offers. I think it is better to look for motivated sellers and find value in the a price fairly near what the seller is asking, but every once and awhile I see a home that is just so far over priced and has been listed for such a long time, I think it might be ripe for an offer. I think closer to $280,000 is fair market. A $250,000 cash offer would not be steeling the property, but it would allow for a buyer to go in, do some updating, and get sweat equity for the investment.

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