139 East Empire, a 1997 manufactured home on a Grass Valley City lot, listed for $299,000

There is no previous indication from sales in the 4th quarter of 2017 that a 20 year MFH on a city lot can or will sell for $300,000. That’s a stretch, but sellers are always going to test the market in the winter months, so this is not unexpected. Low inventory continues to make pricing volatility the rule for the next few weeks until the full spring inventory gets listed and buyers have some real choices. Until then, any buyer that need a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home and is working with a budget will have to consider homes like this, regardless of the historical pricing data that puts this home closer to $265,000 than $300,000. That being said, the home has some nice up-grades that are not typical in manufactured homes. This home features upgraded kitchen and bathroom counters, upgraded cupboards and vanities, and upgraded floor covering in the kitchen. Those upgrades give the home the look of a $300,000 home if it was stick built home. Maybe a buyer will not care that the bones are from a home that typically sells at a discount to the premium price buyers pay for stick built homes in the same condition.
Given how quickly things are moving right now, this one might sell, or it could be the first of the year where buyers say the price is too rich, and the seller has to concede to get it sold. We will watch this one to see what happens.

Author: gordon

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