23124 Lone Pine Drive, a Like of the Pines Half-Plex, 1403 sf listed for $299,000

In the last year there have been fewer than a half dozen homes under $300,000 in Lake of the Pines, and every home in the last year has been a fixer, and none were habitable without considerable repairs. This home, which is is clean and move-in ready is an exception.
Lone Pine is a street in Lake of the Pines that has a unique set of homes not found anywhere else. The homes on Lone Pine are all duplex attached homes, usually sharing a garage wall between the two homes. The homes are on separate parcels, and are sold individually. Since the lots are separate these homes are not much different from homes that are very close, with just narrow walkway between them… Why on earth did they build these homes? The logic really is not clear. Maybe they thought it would lead to better use of the landscaping? Maybe there was some idea that multi-generational families would want these side by side attached homes? The homes on this street were all built in the mid 1990s. Today, most of them are owned by a the second or third owner and very few are used by multi-generational families. Still, I think the idea of two homes being attached, even if it is only by a garage wall, has some negative impact on the buyer, and it explains why this 1400 sf home, which should sell for over $300,000 is listed below $300,000. If there was a 5 foot wide walkway between this house and neighbor’s house this home would sell for $325,000 or more.

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