14354 Sun Forest 2252 sf 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, two story home, just reduced to $335,000

This is a lot of house for your money. Great condition, clean, move-in ready. Why so cheap? This home was originally listed back in October of last year for $359,000. Since October there has just been one home in Wildwood that sold between $350,000 and $360,000. That price range is difficult, because sellers with much nicer homes, listed closer to $400,000 often times will reduce their price to this range in order to get their home sold. That makes it difficult for a seller to compete with a home that seems like it could sell at or near that same price, in the top of its comparable home sales range. Once you get below $350,000 there are not so many really nice homes to compete with. Unfortunately for this seller, some lessons in marketing are learned the hard way. Start out listed too high, and end up getting less for your home than you would have gotten if you started out at the right price in the first place. Had this seller started at $339,000 last October this home would have sold for $330,000 three months ago. By starting out at $359,000, by the time they get the list price right, the market has already passed by this very nice home, and it might take the sellers down below $330,000 to get it sold. The other side of the coin here is a warning to investors. Don’t assume you can buy a house for $150 per square foot, fix it up and sell it for $200 per square foot. This home is not a fixer, and it is priced under $150 per square foot.

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