14168 Sun Forest, this is the sixth 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom home listed for sale in the Lake Wildwood Subdivision this year: listed for $284,500

There is no other region or city in Nevada County that has the same number of homes listed for sale. County wide, outside of Lake Wildwood, there have been no single family 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom homes listed for under $325,000 so far this year, in any condition. Homes of this style and type simply do not exist under $325,000 anywhere else in the area. In Grass Valley, where there are similar homes, prices for homes that would be comparable in terms of condition, floor plan, and features start at $350,000. Wildwood homes run a solid 20% cheaper on side by side comparison for any other location in the Nevada County. If you are selling a home in Wildwood, that’s not a very encouraging statistic, but it is also disappointing to buyers who would love to find a home that had the floor plan and amenities of one of these Wildwood homes, but simply cannot stomach living all the way out in Penn Valley, and living with all the restrictions and CC&R requirements of the Wildwood subdivision. Buyers hammer this point home by demanding a serious reduction in price in order to be enticed to purchase a home in Wildwood. this is the 6th home this year, and it is another move-in ready home that would be a delightful $350,000 home if it were located in any Grass Valley neighborhood. In Wildwood, compared to everything else so far, it is mere a “run of the mill” average deal, probably will sell at or near asking, maybe a bit less because it is a two-story home.

Author: gordon

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