11055 Stanley Double wide mobile home with post and peer foundation on .27 acres in Grass Valley, listed for $250,000

You never know what a home like this will be like until you can inspect it. This home ought to be torn down. It is substandard in every way. That being said, I have seen several similar homes in the last year, and they typically sell for about $30,000 over the value of the land. I think the land under this mobile is probably worth about $100,000, so I would expect this one to sell for about $130,000, maybe a bit more because of the garage. If it sells for anywhere near the $250,000 I am curious what the buyer will do with it? Live in it? Yuk. Rent it out? For how much and to who? And what repairs would be necessary and on-going if you did rent it out? And finally, would you tear it down and start over…. after paying $250,000 for the land!!!! For $250,000 I could get you nice five acre lot with a well and power, and septic already installed on a paved road. why would pay $250,000 for a crappy city lot?

OK, so we will see what happens.

You are probably wondering about the videos. I am working on making them better, sorry if they are still a bit rough.

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