12896 Roadrunner, a Lake Wildwood, 3 and 2 listed for $279,000

This is a good comparable listing with several homes already on the market in Wildwood this year. Yet another three bedroom and two bathroom house.

The lot is a steep up slope, so this one is not a functional as several of the flat or near flat lots we have seen so far this year. And the house is small, under 1200 square feet, which means some portion of the floor plan will be undersized in relationship with conventional 1300 to 1500 square foot ranch floor plans. In this house, the trimming came in one of the guest bedrooms. While the rest of the home feels just about right, one guest bedroom is just 9 X 10, too small for any bed other than a single. The room was used by the current owner as a sitting room, and did not have a bed in it. Also, to the detriment of the home and due to the steep lot, the two car garage is 40 feet and down four steps from the back sliding door off the dinning area. That means that sliding door becomes the de facto entry for the house, and the actual front door, way off on deck on the other side of the house would never be used.
I don’t think this is $300,000 house, but I do think a price conscious buyer who wants something of a less expensive house, and realizes the discount is because the home is quantifiably less desirable that the flat ranchers for $310,00 to $325,000 that we saw all winter.

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