Vacant Land, Single Family Home Lots in Wildwood: 13726 Sun Forest and 14380 Lake Wildwood, both priced under $30,000

I do not frequently look at vacant land, but I see so many houses in the Lake Wildwood subdivision it makes sense to go out and look at the underlying land prices and see what can be learned from looking over available property for building. Both these lots are listed under $30,000 and I drive past each of them several time per week, but I have never stopped to look, so yesterday I took my camera with me, shot some video and have produced it here for the Corner Office.
Back in January I did a similar search for vacant lots in Alta Sierra and found pretty much the same pattern. Lots priced under $50,000 are almost universally difficult to build, expensive to engineer, and have typically been for sale for a year or more. There is no shortage of inexpensive property that would be very expensive to build out, require extensive dirt work to get in a driveway, and would result in steep slope foundation along with all the disadvantages therein.
Buyer preference now strongly leans towards ranch style homes on flat lots. In every price range and over a wide range of conditions two-story homes are discounted to the premium when it comes to the sales price, as buyers demonstrate with their pocket books that a single story home with a flat driveway is the most desired of all floor plans and types. The lack of buyers for lots like these reflects the expectations of spec home builders that after they will not be able to recover the additional cost of design and engineering because the final product, a two story house on a steep lot simply is not what buyers want.

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