10399 Broken Oak, Penn Valley 95946 Planned Unit Development Home, listed for $240,000

In the 1990’s Nevada County had several ambitious affordable housing initiatives. One was a subdivision built near the main commercial strip in Penn Valley. Two dozen high density small single family home were constructed right off Penn Valley Drive. This is one of those homes, just 868 square feet, only one bedroom, with a bathroom off the bedroom, so guests need to walk through the bedroom to get to the only bathroom. The kitchen is also quite small, more like a an apartment than a house. the garage is a single car attached garage, but it is so narrow only a compact car would fit in it.
These homes were designed for use by single individuals, one income, or fixed income people who would otherwise be renting. Today, that logic still makes sense, but if a buyer needs to qualify for a $240,000 purchase price, can that really be called “low income?”

Author: gordon

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