18857 Siesta Drive, fixer manufactured home on a nice level acre, listed for $299,000

Either this seller is way over the top with the list price, or the market has substantially moved higher this spring. Low inventory encourages sellers because listing agents cannot find comparable sales. The result is, listing agents who are not constantly previewing inventory, and are only using the MLS pictures to determine what the list price should be don’t have a grip on the relative condition of the home. This home is dog, listed for the price of palace. Will it sell at this price? If it does, then the market has moved higher by a full 10% in just the last 60 days. That would be highly unusual.
You might think I would be happy with rapid price increases, but rapid price increases in the spring often time lead to volatility and declines in the summer. Stable prices mean that buyers and sellers know what to expect, and transactions can proceed smoothly. When prices rise rapidly, and then fall just as rapidly buyers and sellers get whipsawed, and nobody is happy.
We will watch this one.

Author: gordon

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