161 Race Street, Grass Valley Bungalow, 2/1 listed for $305,000

Over and over we see these 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom houses in Grass Valley in all kinds of condition and with a wide number features and amenities. And every month so far this year the list price of one of these homes has been creeping upward. At the beginning of the year this home would have been in $280,000 price range. Homes over $300,000 were reserved for upgraded kitchens, which this home does not have, new fixtures, which this home does not have, and new appliances, which this home lacks. It has a very nice yard, and is in a good neighborhood, so if it has the upgrades, then it would be a $300,000 home, but in its current condition, while it is clean and ready for occupancy, it has a long way to go to be a “darling bungalow.” Has the market moved that much higher or is this seller dreaming? That’s the question that will be worked out by buyers in the next 30 days and will set the stage for the coming spring market.

Author: gordon

Nevada County Resident since 1988. Painting and Decorating Contractor 1985-2003 Nevada County Realtor Since 2004 Member of the Nevada County Masters Club (top producing agent) Every Year Since 2004