12603 Shady Creek, a fixed and flip rehab house that sold for $100K last year, got an extreme makeover, and is listed today at $259,000

The strong hand of a contractor has made this sow’s ear into a silk purse. A year ago this was just a shell, and needed everything. The contractor came in, got the floor plan right with all new interior walls and staircase, redid the plumbing and electrical, added new windows and doors, and put in some nice finishes. I doubt he spent less than $75,000 not including the labor. Because the house started out with no sheet rock and no interior walls, there was not much demolition, and my guess is the contractor did not find any “surprise” damage when he got to work on the rehab. This was basically an unfinished shell when he took over, and now it is a complete house. In Grass Valley this same house would be right around $300,000. In North San Juan the market is weaker, demand is a less, and buyers require a discount to be tempted to live out in the rural community. But I am certain someone will see the value of this home and purchase it. Just have to keep an eye on the sales price to know what market place says the discount between a Grass Valley home and similar home in North San Juan

Author: gordon

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