211 Nevada Street, Walk to Nevada City, Victorian Era Home, modest fixer, listed for $325,000

True Nevada City Victorians are so rare in any price range there are never comparable sales data. And often times people of done them up with such high end features and amenities these homes can sell for 1/2 a million or more. This home surely has that potential, but the question is, how much would you need to spend to make it worth more than the $325,000 list price?

Like every Victorian the floor plan of this house reflects the sensibilities of a different era of home building. There are tall ceilings and a parlor room, but the downstairs extends out past the kitchen with rooms that were clearly “add-ons” probably in the 1940’s or 1950’s when this home might have been a boarding house, or rented to multiple families. Today, the floor plan feels obsolete, but that’s the way all Victorians are, and when you own one, you have to love the quirky way the home is laid out. Upstairs is also typical of these Victorian renovation homes. When it was built the upstairs probably did not exist. It was originally a one story house, and the tall pitch of the roof simply provided attic space. Only in later years were staircases added, and the upstairs was sheet rocked, and electricity was added along with doors and windows. The result on may Victorian homes is completely unusable upstairs rooms with awkward jags in the ceiling for the hip roofs, but this home is actually quite a bit better than typical. The two upstairs rooms are spacious, have tall enough ceilings for adults, and could actually be used for day to day living. No bathroom upstairs! which is also typical of the Victorian homes. What is really unique about this home is the second bathroom on the rear porch that has a claw foot tub. Again, the changing sensibilities of home owners over the years has resulted in dozens of variations on the Victorian theme, and bathtubs on enclosed porches are not as rare or usual as you might think. Just remember, at one time there have been two or even three families living in this house, with five or six adults and kids. A second bathroom was a god-send necessity, regardless of what we might think about it today.
This one is worth checking out.